New Windows

When we bought the house in 2014, it was in desperate need of a facelift. Replacing the  horrid 1980's aluminium windows was at the top of the priority list!
We wanted to put back the lovely period features which had been stripped out over the years and sliding sash windows were the obvious choice to add some character.
We sourced some authentic-looking uPVC windows from REHAU which looked like traditional timber. The profile of the window is designed to reflect traditional wooden sash windows but uPVC lasts much longer (up to 30 years!) A local window firm supplied them and they were installed in a day!

 Half way through...

Front bedroom complete!
 In the bathroom, we opted for frosted glass for a bit of privacy!

 The Living Room

The finished article. Just look at those beauties! We love the run-though horn detail. Some of the other brands had stuck-on horns which looked terrible.

They have made such a huge difference! The noise is reduced and it feels so much cosier inside. What do you think?

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  1. Sarah, these pics and the house really look wonderful. The bathroom is particularly beautiful. xxx


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