Succulent styling

I have this ongoing love affair with succulents. They're everywhere at the moment. 
They add a pop of greenery to any space and it's nearly impossible to kill them! Watering them once a week will keep them happy and healthy. Get yourself a spray bottle, give them a good mist every now and again and they'll be just fine. They're a great way to bring the outside in; especially if you live in a flat with no garden for example. They look great positioned in front of white walls which makes the green stand out even more.

You'll find them in places like Homebase and your local supermarkets and garden centres and florist.
You can also pick up some great house plants at IKEA.  They have so much choice! Little cacti and succulents are relatively cheap.

  You can also find larger succulents at IKEA such as Euphorbia Ingens below. These look great in  larger spaces.

 They grow in almost any environment but it's good to put them in areas of the house that get some light, but not too much light, such as a bookcase, shelf or bedside table.

I love the interior style of bloggers Kate La Vie and Anneli Bush who have both added succulents to their bedside table arrangements below

It seems that everywhere I go, I see various varieties of succulents and I just want to buy them all but I have to restrain until the building work is over.
In the meantime, I have been Pinning inspiration!

I was recently in Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street and came across a whole department dedicated to succulents! The dream! They also had really cool planters and pots to put them in like these gold planters below.

Hanging planters look great in the corner of a room that needs a bit of brightening up.This type of succulent is called String of Pearls.

Keep a look out for cute planters. You can find all kinds of pots and planters at places like notonthehighstreet, IKEA, White Company, Etsy and Homebase.

The three pictures below are all planters from Etsy.
I love these pineapple ones!

The White Company have these rustic mossed pots at the moment. They'd look great in a conservatory or kitchen.

I spied them on display in store the other day

  Different heights and types of succulents in rustic pots make a great addition to a bare space

 This stripy guy is my favourite! This type is called a Haworthia. How cool is this pineapple planter?
I love these rustic planters. They look great against the grey tones of the kitchen worktop

I love anything copper so these copper pots are definitely going to feature in our finished home. Copper adds a hit of warmth if your colourscheme is quite neutral

I plan to buy a couple of these IKEA Lack shelves for our new bathroom and add a few small cactus and succulents for colour as our bathroom is mainly white and needs a pop of green.

You could go crazy and have an entire area dedicated to them

Another great way to display succulents is in a cloche.These are perfect for succulents that come from humid places.

Also keep an eye out for terrariums. You can get different shapes like the ones from Urban Outfitters below.

 I can't wait until we are finished renovating and I can start buying some for our home. Are you a succulent fan?

(All images are from Pinterest)

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