Which Kitchen?

We are starting to think more about the style of the kitchen now that our planning permission decision date is eeking ever closer!

Because the back of our house is quite dark, part of me wants an all white kitchen to brighten things up a bit. I love the look of crisp, bright whites. Scandinavian and minimal.


But the other part of me loves the idea of dark grey units which I think would be way more practical in the long run. They look so chic and stylish if you pair them with a white or marble worktop.

On the subject of worktops, I have a bit of an obsession with Corian which is a solid acrylic based material. It comes in over 100 colours and is non-porous, stain resistant, repairable (scratches can be buffed out) and heat resistant. The thing I love most about Corian is that it it completely seamless! This means you can have a sink which is integrated in to the worktop and this makes it so much easier to clean! At the moment I am torn between white and marble.

Then, there is the decision of where to buy your kitchen from!
I love the DeVoL shaker style kitchens but I have also heard great things about IKEA kitchens. Strong and durable and fairly reasonably priced.

The units can always be painted in a different colour and different handles added so you don't always have to go with the finishes that IKEA offer. The three images below are all IKEA.

Semihandmade DIY Shaker Ikea Kitchen courtesy of Breezegiannasio.com:


black and white kitchen via Aesthetic Oiseau:
I was originally thinking of having "handle-less" cupboards to create a minimal look with clean lines. However, after talking to my friend who has handle-less cupboards in her flat, she advised against it. She says she finds it really difficult to open the cupboard doors on the lower sections and misses handles!
Ikea keuken nodsta - V.:  

For flooring, I am leaning towards getting some Karndean in a washed grey wood effect. I don't want tiles as i think it's really difficult to keep them clean and also, things break easily if you drop them on a tiled floor! I love parquet flooring at the moment. Something like this perhaps?

Modern Country Style: Ten Effective Decorating Ideas For Small, Narrow Hallways  Click through for details.:  


Or maybe standard floorboards style?

Light but still shows wood grain. Also love the Matt/satin finish:  

We will have an exposed brick wall on one side of the new extension. I think either a white or grey kitchen would contrast well with the texture and colour of the brick.

Are any of you planning your kitchens at the moment. What do you have in mind? Or does anyone already have an IKEA kitchen? Any tips?


  1. We have IKEA kitchens in our houses in Oxford and France. Easy to match, cheap, sturdy, versatile.
    Colourwise - nothing shows muck like black or grey!

  2. My brother in law has an ikea kitchen it looks amazing. I think I will get one after seeing there's and they said very reasonable too. Love their grey shaker ones. Think we are doing grey cabinets, white metro back splash, wooden floors and fake wood surfaces as real wood too difficult to keep looking good and gets damp and mouldy around sink and a Belfast sink. Love this post and all the pics in it! So hard to choose isn't it! :) Emma x


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